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We are extremely excited to announce we have a new partnership here at King's Elite Goaltending! We have teamed up with Vizual Edge to offer the leading visual skills assessment & training program.

The Vizual Edge program is currently used by NHL, NCAA, USHL, and youth programs/players around the world including Flyers goalie Carter Hart.

Training is done on your own laptop/tablet and is customized to each player to help improve the weaknesses in their visual skills. Training takes just 15 minutes, 3x a week to complete, all online with our 3D glasses (included in the plan)

This program can improve your puck tracking, focus on incoming shots, locating the puck at the blue line, reaction speed, hockey sense, and more.

Previous Results

NCAA Improvements - HERE

NHL Goaltender Training Update - HERE


“It's something you can always keep improving, your tracking and your vision, for me, that's something that I really prioritize in my game, so any edge you can find to improve that part of your game, I try and find those."
– Carter Hart, Philadelphia Flyers Goaltender, on the InGoal Magazine podcast discussing Vizual Edge

"Vizual Edge truly gave me the edge I was seeking heading into last season. The convenience of a web based program and the cost are amazing. Plus the amount of time I saved by being able to train my vision right at my desk at home helped tremendously."

– Andrew Shortridge 2018-19 NCAA D1 All-American, Quinnipiac University & current AHL Goaltender

"Vizual Edge is the best at improving the way you actually see and perceive things. It has noticeably impacted the way I track the puck.”
“Vizual Edge is the best program out there for training the way you see and improving the physiological function of the eyes”

– Joseph Woll, Toronto Marlies Goaltender

This is another game-changer for goaltenders and we are proud to be able to set up this partnership to make it easily available to goalies in the UK.

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